Scotty Boman’s petition to recall is set for hearing

Notice of Hearing

This letter is in response to Scotty’s letter of 4/6/2012.

Scotty Boman letter

Scotty Boman press release April 24, 2012


Scotty Boman
(313) 247-2052


Warren Raftshol
(231) 271-5650

Wayne County Election Commission agrees to review Carl Levin recall language

April, 24th, 2012

Detroit, MI – The Wayne County Election Commission will meet on Tuesday, May 1st at 2:00 PM to determine the clarity of reasons cited in petition language for Carl Levin. The meeting will be held in Room 705 of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in Detroit, MI 48226. The proposed petition language reads:

“He co-authored and introduced S.1867 (the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012) which provides for the military arrest, and indefinite detention, of U.S. citizens without Constitutional due process (Subtitle D). He voted in favor of the final version (H.R. 1540). In so doing, he violated his oath or affirmation.”

One of the sponsors, Scotty Boman of Detroit (who is a candidate for United States Senate), originally attempted to deliver the petition language in person on March 29th and was turned away by Director of Elections, Delphine Oden. On April 9th Boman sent a certified letter requesting compliance with MCL168.952 which requires recall petitions to be reviewed for clarity by the “board of county election commissioners.” Boman received notification of the hearing on April 24th. Boman summarized the exchange saying, “They were served and now it’s on.” The other sponsor of the effort is Warren Raftshol of Suttons Bay.

Both sponsors cite Levin’s pivotal roll in provisions they describe as “de facto martial law,” as there reason to initiate the recall effort. The recall would require 468,709 signatures. Boman said, “Warren and I can’t do this on our own. We can get this started with a build-it-and-they-will-come approach. In 2008 1,810,234 people voted against Carl Levin. We need to have about a quarter of these people sign the petition, and a much smaller portion to step up and be activists.

Recall advocate Barbara Willing encouraged public participation saying, “Mr. Levin has been “belligerent” to the people by allowing offensive language to pass as law in the form of NDAA. So offensive is this language that it is designed to disturb and destroy the sovereignty of the People. I invite you to attend as a first step in restoration of your God given rights.”



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