DIY recall Carl Levin form letter

If you would like to recall Carl Levin on your own, you can use the letter below for some basic information. Of course, you’ll have to fill in your own reason(s) in the space provided.

A clearer version is at this link: recall levin letter

Get it witnessed by a notary. Make a copy for yourself, and then send it registered with return receipt requested.

You should get a clarity hearing in about 20 days.

Levin will send a lawyer to the hearing. This lawyer will try to divert the discussion to questioning the constitutionality of the recall law, even though the statute, MCL168.952, is clear that the hearing is solely for the purpose of reviewing the clarity of your petition wording. Don’t get sucked into an argument with this bozo. Instead say “Objection-this hearing is to review the petition language only!” He will shut up and sit down at that point.


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