Scotty Boman prepares to submit second recall petition

The first hearing on May 1, 2012, before the Wayne County Election Commission, although it did not result in approval of the petition language, was a partial success because it

  • isolated the language that needed clarification;
  • avoided the distraction which Levin’s attorney improperly tried to introduce by way of constitutional challenges which the Election Commission lacks jurisdiction to hear;
  • bought some time for the internet campaign to grow.
  • This last point is important because around 500,000 signatures of registered Michigan voters need to be collected within a 180 day time frame in order to hold a special recall election. The basic strategy at this point (unless large money donations start to pour in) will be to scan the petition and post the scan online at this site so that those wishing to can sign as both petitioner and circulator and possibly at the same time gather signatures from friends and relatives.

    Undismayed after the first hearing, Scotty Boman said

    “The properly conducted hearing was an important first step in the recall process. Now that the officials recognize the application of Michigan law to a Federal officer, we may move forward and submit alternative wording that is undeniably clear to all concerned.”

    One response

    1. Petition language proposed by Barb W:

      [Should Carl Levin be recalled for his involvement] in introducing subtitles 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 NDAA as they purport to repeal posse comitatus and authorize the President of the United States to use the armed forces of the United States to police American citizens, to indefinitely detain persons captured within the United States without charge until the end of hostilities as purportedly authorized by the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, to subject persons captured within the United States to military tribunals, and to transfer persons captured within the United States to a foreign country or foreign entity?

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