blank recall petition forms available here, now


The petition is 8.5 x 14 legal paper. When printing, you’ll want to “print 1 of 1 ” and then flip the page over and “print 2 of 2” for the back. But I’ll bet you knew that.

You’ll need to find a typewriter to fill in the info, unless you have an application like PDFpen. Here is Scotty Boman’s current petition ready to submit. (Again, sigh)

We have the right to petition. Currently, the Committee To Recall Carl Levin is locked in a war of attrition with the transparent cronyism of the Wayne County Election Commission. Scotty Boman submits perfectly clear petition language which the WCEC rejects on a pretext that it is unclear. Of course, we have the right to appeal, but attorneys cost money, and why should we have to pay? From our point of view, it would be very helpful if other parties would start submitting similar petitions so the WCEC would get tired of holding hearings. Of course, if they failed to hold a hearing within 20 days, the petition would get through and be “live” to circulate.

Another consideration is that the WCEC is required to notify Carl Levin within 24 hours of the language contained in each petition submitted, so if just you’d like to contact Carl “live and direct”, by all means submit a petition to the address on the letterhead here. Send it certified if you are serious, or if you are just airing a grievance then don’t bother. You are more than welcome to borrow this petition, if you like.


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