Scotty Boman announces formal start of recall Carl Levin petition drive

Scotty Boman
(313) 247-2052


Warren Raftshol
(231) 271-5650

Carl Levin recall language passes clarity review. Signature collection to start on July 4th

July, 3rd, 2012

Detroit, MI – Activist are free to begin circulating petitions to recall Senator Carl Milton Levin starting this Independence
Day; their petition language has been deemed clear in the manner described by Section 168.952 of Michigan Election law
which states:

“(3) The board of county election commissioners, not less than 10 days or more than 20 days after submission to it of a
petition for the recall of an officer, shall meet and shall determine whether each reason for the recall stated in the petition
is of sufficient clarity to enable the officer whose recall is sought and the electors to identify the course of conduct that is
the basis for the recall. Failure of the board of county election commissioners to comply with this subsection shall
constitute a determination that each reason for the recall stated in the petition is of sufficient clarity to enable the officer
whose recall is being sought and the electors to identify the course of conduct that is the basis for the recall.”

Notarized certified letters containing the most recent language were signed for on June 11th, and Wayne County Election
Chairman Milton L. Mack acknowledged receiving the language on June 14th in a letter written to the petitions sponsor,
Scott Avery Boman. In the letter Mack wrote that, “…the Wayne County Election Commission will not accept petition
language directed to a United State Senator.” According to Boman, Director of Elections Delphine Oden told him (by
phone on June 22nd) this meant they would not be holding a clarity review hearing. Section 168.121 (United States
senator; recall) reads: “Persons holding the office of United States senator are subject to recall by the qualified and
registered electors of the state as provided in chapter 36 of this act.”

On May 1st the commission held a hearing to review the clarity of previous language and found the prior language to be
unclear. The new approved (by default) petition language reads,

“He co-authored and introduced an amendment regarding detention provisions (Subtitle D Section 1031) to S.1867
(the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012). He voted in favor of the final version (H.R. 1540)
which contained the detention provisions in section 1021.”

Sponsors cite Levin’s pivotal roll in provisions they describe as “de facto martial law,” as their reason to initiate the recall
effort. The recall will require 468,709 signatures. Boman said, “Warren and I can’t do this on our own. We can get this
started with a build-it-and-they-will-come approach. In 2008 1,810,234 people voted against Carl Levin. We need to
have about a quarter of these people sign the petition, and a much smaller portion to step up and be activists.”

Petitions can be downloaded from
County officials also have standard recall petition forms that may be filled out by hand. Co-sponsor Warren Raftshol said,
“We are building an internet campaign via Facebook, and these petitions are legal and official. I invite people to forward
the link to Carl Levin’s Facebook page and tell him they object to NDAA detention.”

Boman said, “Independence Day is the perfect day to launch this effort. The tyranny Levin has brought us with this law
rivals the oppression imposed on the colonists by the British in 1776.”


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