The ghost of a lieutenant: our name is Strelkov

by Alexander A. Dugin

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Igor Strelkov (Girkin). I feel that his pseudonym is his real name. A Russian man holds the defence of a country (Novorossiya), with 20,000 men, against a frontal attack by an entire army. Yet, an army, without a general, is no army at all. [And, conversely] where there is a general, an army will rise [to his command]. Without a leader, any army will fall apart in mere hours. Strelkov is fighting against the country of Ukraine, where power was seized by NeoNazi putschists. One man against an entire country.

In Kiev, orders are issued by the Junta and, to some extent, they are implemented by the Ukrainian armed forces (fortunately for us, rather reluctantly). Yes, the armed forces of Ukraine do not want to fight. Yes, they do not understand what [they are being asked to fight for]…

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