Committee To Recall Carl Levin Issues Final Call For First Petition Drive Signatures

The Committee To Recall Carl Levin is winding up its first petition drive with a call for submission of outstanding signatures. The drive started in early July and the 180 day period for gathering signatures expires near the end of December.

(I-Newswire) Suttons Bay, Michigan, December 3, 2012 – The Committee To Recall Carl Levin is winding up its first petition drive with a call for submission of outstanding signatures. The drive started in early July and the 180 day period for gathering signatures expires near the end of December.

Spokesperson Warren Raftshol said: “While this drive has fallen well short of the 500,000 signatures required to demand a recall election, supporters should not be discouraged. A second recall petition will be filed in January 2013. The most important thing is to remind the people, including Senator Levin, that the people do have the power to recall federal legislators who vote in defiance of the popular will.”

The specific conduct complained of in the first petition is that Senator Levin co-authored, and voted for, provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA 2012) which allow the detention without trial or due process of anyone, including American citizens, accused of vaguely defined “terrorist activities” which is an invitation for abuse of power by the executive and military branches of the federal government.

Under Michigan law 168.121 “Persons holding the office of United States senator are subject to recall by the qualified and registered electors of the state as provided in chapter 36 of this act.”

A similar New Jersey law was ruled unconstitutional by the New Jersey Supreme Court in 2010. No Michigan court has yet ruled upon the Michigan statute, however, which dates back to the 1908 Michigan Constitution.

The effort to have Carl Levin removed has been led by Libertarian Senate candidate Scotty Boman of Detroit who ran for office in 2012.

Anyone interested in signing the current petition can print out and sign an official petition at and instructions for submitting the petition are available at that site. Additional information on the petition drive is also available at


2 responses

  1. Hi, nice to meet you folks.

    I am upset about this Fiscal Cliff thing and those that brought that whole scene into existence. I was looking for the rules on recalling U.S. Senators from Michigan. It looks like you folks have that worked out, except for a sufficient number of signatures: About 500,000 I guess.

    My thought is to somehow start Recalls of all those responsible for this Fiscal Cliff issue, or at least enough to make a difference on this issue. Both Michigan Senators have been sending me their Newsletters. I try to look into one thing from each Newsletter, and send a replay back to the Senator that sent it. I call this a knowledge Report.

    For example: Sen. Levin voted for a law to encourage ‘jobs’ by providing funds to banks. His article mentioned a bank in lower Michigan [Tanstar as I recall] and a 10 year loan for 8.3 million at about 10%. So I analyzed the deal from the viewpoint of small businesses in Michigan. The banks financial statements were on the web. They make 18.7% return on their loans and per the Reserve Equation they can lend out 10X the 8.3 million, or 83 million. They are a factoring company and can turn their loans each 90 days, or say just once per year. That is now 830 million that is repaid by small business to the bank over the 10 years plus 18.7% per year, at least. I guess that is better than nothing for small business, but it is Highway Robbery for the government to enable just this one bank to make nearly 1 billion USD profit on this one deal. How many banks are represented by just this one law?

    An earlier Newsletter talked about Washington Mutual [Wamu] from Levin’s viewpoint. I analyzed and told him what actually happened. Someone redrew 16.2 million and the next day the government took over and attempted to sell 300 plus billion of WaMu assets to B of A for about 1 billion, as I recall. The FDIC refused a Wells Fargo offer for 15 billion, and then revisited that and only gave them 1 hour to respond. To me it was obvious that the buying bank had prearranged with FDIC and was working with them to the exclusion of all other offers. I got no comment from Levin who was on the Senate Finance Committee at the time. His view on his Newsetter was quite nebulous and only accusative of WaMu. [the victim] I had an account with WaMu.

    I wrote up another event from Stabenow’s Newsletter for Stabenow and she smoothed over the event by giving a ‘very nice’ form letter saying she would discuss with her banking committee people, as she was on the Senate Banking Committee. No other response.

    I do not believe banks are being monitored responsibly by Congress. There is too much money and too little action. No arrests. No Responsibility. Currently the Fed is buying about 80 billion per month in Treasury Notes per QE3. Each dollar can be 10Xed with each new loan. Each bank may keep separate books. [A Wallstreet company like Goldman Sachs can purchase Third World CDs paying 25% and get a B of A matching loan of 5%. Someone pockets the 20% difference. The next day they can do the same thing again.] This activity is called Off Balance Sheet Transactions and may amount to 15X their on-line balance sheets. For each major bank. For example, B of A has about 65 Trillion in derivatives and is still buying them.

    This information might possibly help you write a stronger petition for your Recall or widen the issues you are addressing. One would have to research more closely to present specific charges. If you could include something relating to this Fiscal Cliff issue in your next Recall Petition, I would be very happy. Let me know if I can help in some way.

    Best regards,

    Leon L Hulett, PE

    • Mr Hulett,
      Sorry for the slow reply. Your comment is most interesting.

      We are thinking of broadening the complaint against Levin to include his role in the bank bailouts. You are obviously quite knowledgeable of Levin’s activities and hope you will feel free to post all that you care to here as this information is very welcome.

      Also post at

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